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Becomes Effective December 2011- STATE OF FLORIDA ENERGY ACT



Whether you are an existing TPS customer with a pool or a valued customer building a new pool, you will find this article of value.  Effective December 2011- all new installed pool pumps are required to be a more efficient variable-speed, two-speed model rather than older single-speed pumps.

The new Florida law requires that all new and replacement pool pump installations rated at one horsepower or more, must switched to the newer mandated design.

So if you have a swimming pool expect major changes concerning the way your repairs MUST be done to comply with the new Florida Energy act that takes effect July 1, 2011.

The new requirements focus on making pools more energy efficient. Although your initial cost for this new type equipment is higher your actual cost savings can be significant over time.

The average Trusted Pool and Spa customer with a 15,000 gallon swimming pool (now using a 1.5 HP pump) may save over $425.00 per year (in electricity costs alone) after installation of the newly mandated pump equipment. You can calculate your approximate savings by clicking on the following link:

The Energy Act of 2008 (HB 7135) directed the Florida Building Commission to adopt pool pump efficiencies in the 2010 Building Code. The committee also looked at heater efficiency and hydraulic system standards. The result of this work was the passage of Florida Statue (FS) 553.909; specifically subsection (3) and (4).
You can read the complete FS 553.909  at:

For your convenience, we have copied Florida Statutes 553.909 paragraphs (3) and (4) below:

(3) Commercial or residential swimming pool pumps or water heaters sold after July 1, 2011, shall comply with the requirements of this subsection. Natural gas pool heaters shall not be equipped with constantly burning pilots. Heat pump pool heaters shall have a coefficient of performance at low temperature of not less than 4.0. The thermal efficiency of gas-fired pool heaters and oil-fired pool heaters shall not be less than 78 percent. All pool heaters shall have a readily accessible on-off switch that is mounted outside the heater and that allows shutting off the heater without adjusting the thermostat setting.

(4) Pool pump motors shall not be split-phase, shaded-pole, or capacitor start-induction run types. Residential pool pumps and pool pump motors with a total horsepower of 1 HP or more shall have the capability of operating at two or more speeds with a low speed having a rotation rate that is no more than one-half of the motor's maximum rotation rate. Residential pool pump motor controls shall have the capability of operating the pool pump at a minimum of two speeds. The default circulation speed shall be the residential filtration speed, with a higher speed override capability being for a temporary period not to exceed one normal cycle or 120 minutes, whichever is less; except that circulation speed for solar pool heating systems shall be permitted to run at higher speeds during periods of usable solar heat gain.


If you have any other questions about any equipment repairs and how this law effects you, just email us at:  Thank you and have a great holiday season!!!

TRUSTED POOL & SPA can do all the work for you. We are professionals working hard, so you can work less.

Pool Care During The 2012 Winter Season


If you have a swimming pool and you are worried about your pipes freezing or equipment busting we have a few tips for you. We usually tell our customers to run their pool at night so that water is circulating through the pipes and does not have the time to freeze.  Our company is based in SW Florida so our winters are not too harsh.  On occassion outdoor temperatures in the winter can surprise us. A cold front comes from the north and can reach our vicinity.  Point being is if you have a pool in our area the outside low temperatures can sometimes cause you to have problems.  If you have a computer system for your pool it probably have a freeze protect allowing you to set a temperature. We suggest a set point of 38 degrees just to be safe and when the temperature hits that mark it will automatically turn on your pool equipment.  So you would have all pumps come on, the filter pump, the pool cleaner pump and if you have a pump for your waterfall or water detail, that would also cycle.

If you do not have a computer system for your swimming pool and you are looking to protect your plumbing, here is some advice.  You can run your pool manually or change your time clock to run the pool overnight.  Depending on when the expected temperature high and low occurs determines when to run the pump(s).  The easiest way to set it up is to run a pump from 11 pm-8 am.  If the weather is going to stay in the 30's all day you should manually turn on the pumps again after 8 am or simply run the pool for 24 hours whenever the temperature is going to go below freezing.

If you are really nervous because the temperature is going to be real low for an extended period of time you could drain your plumbing/equipment.  First turn off all timers then take the lid off of your pump to allow air to enter the plumbing.  Next, if you have a high quality filter there should be a drain plug at the bottom of the filter case.  Unscrew the plug, you may need pliers.  Also the pumps have drain plugs usually located at the front of the pump, unscrew them as well.  If you have a check valve for a raised spa or wall for a water fountain/feature, if it is a high end check valve you will be able to unscrew and take the center part out, or be able to unscrew the screws and take the lid off. If you prefer the technicians at TPS can do all the work for you for a moderate fee.

Trusted Pool and Spa LLC. uses all quality equipment/parts. If we built your pool you won't have to worry about getting a saw out and cutting pipes because you have all the drains we discussed above in your system. Simply call us for a discounted service call and we will do all the work for you..

If you have any other questions about protecting pipes/equipment just email us at  Thank you and have a great holiday season!!!

TRUSTED POOL & SPA can do all the work for you. We are professionals working hard, so you can work less.

Chris Hegedus and the Trusted Pool and Spa Team


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