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Keeping Your Pool Safe

Your swimming pool is your special place where you often relax, frolic, exercise or just chilling out on warm days. The important question you should your pool safe for swimming?

Your swimming pool really needs to be a clean and safe place because germs & infections can occur due to improperly maintained pool water. Your pool water can get contaminated by a number of pollutants, such as dust, pollen, leaves, chemical waste, spores, bacteria, etc. If not checked, these pollutants can change your pool from an oasis of relaxation to a breeding ground for germs and diseases.

Improperly kept swimming pools can cause several illnesses such as skin, ear, upper respiratory infections, diarrhea etc. Most people are unaware that seasonal influenza can spread thru contaminated pool water. Proper weekly swimming pool maintenance and sanitation can help diminish the contribution of your pool to infections & diseases.

Your swimming pool pump & filter plays a vital role in cleaning pool water. The pump circulates water thru the filter to take out contaminants and pollutants. Your pump should run at least 8 hrs a day. Your pool filter keeps the pool water clear.

Your pool plumbing system may also contain an electric heater, gas heater, solar panels or a salt chlorinator. You should have your pool service company keep this pool equipment maintained for you on a regular basis.

Your swimming pool chemistry is extremely important in pool sanitization. Sanitizers are the chemicals that you use to kill bacteria and control algae growth in your swimming pool. Common sanitizers are chlorine and bromine compounds that must be added to the pool on a regular basis to avert bacterial growth. An algae inhibitor should also be used. Preventative maintenance is the key, before you experience a problem.

Weekly testing and adjusting of the chemistry of your pool i.e. the pH level, which is the relative acidity or baseness of your pool water is very important. The water turns acidic, if the pH level is too low. If the pH level is too high, you will notice scale buildup on your tiles. A qualified swimming pool technician will check and adjust the quantity of chemicals in your swimming pool on a weekly basis.

You can simply relax and enjoy your pool when you have the right service team maintaining your pool on a weekly basis.

TRUSTED POOL & SPA will do all the work for you with quality and reliability. We are professionals working hard, so you can work less.

A Custom Swimming Pool - Just For You

Now is the time to invest in building a backyard swimming pool or upgrading the one you already have. Perfect for those hot days and balmy nights when you need to cool down, a pool is the desirable complement to any backyard.

Not only practical, pools are aesthetically pleasing features and, if you integrate a spa into its design, you can enhance the look of your pool and extend its use well into the cooler months. Big or small, a pool is a major investment, so proper planning is essential. When planning a pool, it’s important to ensure that it’s designed as part of the home and garden area — the aim is to achieve an integrated result.

Pools and spas are no longer just places to cool off or relax in; they have become design features in their own right. And with many Florida outdoor living spaces you will find that the pool and spa are now the centerpieces of the design, integrated into the home’s main outdoor entertaining space where, more often than not, they are the main feature of the backyard. Pools and spas can be a reflection of your lifestyle and by virtue of their positioning and the material used can compliment your home's architecture

While all pools are designed today with aesthetic appeal in mind, some will have a clearly defined theme that sets the pool area apart; others will be designed to mirror the style of the house and achieve that highly sought-after sense of integration between the pool, the landscape and the built environment. For example, a pool designed to complement a contemporary home may be in a very minimalist style. It’s stark coping and tiled surrounds, strategically positioned planters with architectural plants and frameless glass pool fencing work in harmony with the home, rather than draw attention away from it. On the other hand, a pool designed with a tropical theme, which might include natural stone tiling, travertine pavers and lush tropical plantings.

No matter how big or small your outdoor space, TRUSTED POOL & SPA can design and build a pool or spa to suit your unique area. What better way to enjoy those long, hot days and nights than in the comfort of your very own backyard oasis?

Contact us today to get started on your journey to relaxation. Our designers can create a leisure area that is just right for your budget, taste and architecture. Create and enjoy the pool of your dreams with the Trusted Pool and Spa team.

Choosing A Pool/Spa Builder

Most people simply consider the design of a pool and the lowest price estimate when choosing a company to build their pool. Consider the 10 important questions below to choose wisely and avoid making costly common mistakes.

The Ten Important Questions You Should Consider:

  1.  Is your builder licensed to build pools?
  2. Is your builder able to provide weekly pool maintenance service and repairs after your pool is built (establishing a long-term relationship with the homeowner - not a grab the money and run company)?
  3. Can the company provide references?
  4. How long have they been building pools?
  5. Does the builder have any complaints against him that were not satisfactorily resolved?
  6. Will your construction team be available throughout the construction process? Do they communicate promptly and politely?
  7. Does your builder create a safe pool environment (drowning prevention and safety is a primary concern for any pool owner)?
  8. Are you comfortable with this builder (does he respect your position and understand what you are saying)?
  9. Does your builder provide you with a contract, written in a manner that you can understand?
  10. Does the owner personally come to your site to oversee your project (or are you simply a template pool lost in a national bureaucracy?

TRUSTED POOL & SPA provides custom, personal, owner-on-site attention to every single project. We are by your side from start to finish and then we can provide you with full pool maintenance and repair service for as long as you own your pool. Owner Chris Hegedus has 17 years experience in the southwest Florida swimming pool industry. Trust your pool design, construction, remodel or redesign to the industry leader…TRUSTED POOL & SPA – professionals working hard so you can work less.  


Responding to overwhelming demand, we now offer annual maintenance discount plans to our valued customers. Why not contact our office today. Find out how you can obtain additional savings. Remember to ask about our popular "refer a friend" incentive program. We are your passport to relaxation.
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