Chris Hegedus

Owner - Trusted Pool & Spa

Constructing a pool in your back yard is a big decision. Chris Hegedus, owner of Trusted Pool and Spa completely understands the complexity of the entire process and will alleviate any concerns you have regarding your project. 

With over 16 years of experience in the swimming pool industry, TPS goes to great lengths to ensure that every homeowner will be pleased with their project and it will be performed in a detailed, professional and timely manner. The BBB has consistently rated Chris’s pool company A+.

Chris has broad knowledge and experience with pool design, construction engineering and even Florida soil conditions and utilizes his extensive knowledge and experience on every project. You deal with Chris directly. The owner listens to your specific needs and requirements and transforms your dream into you own personal oasis. No dealing with high pressure, high paid salesmen, no trying to contact the owner, Chris gives out his personal cell phone number to each and every client. Reach out, simply call him to answer any concern and Chris will be there to reassure you through the process from design, permitting and construction to finally relaxing and splashing in your own beautiful pool.

Trusted Pool and Spa takes great pride in understanding each client’s project price point and we have the reputation of delivering the most bang for your buck. When you choose Trusted Pool and Spa for your swimming pool construction project you can be assured that quality, integrity, reliability, and sound construction practices will never be compromised.

Chris has built over 100 pools. Each one is a custom pool, designed specifically for the individual homeowner. Don’t settle for cookie cutter projects. Chris’s oversight permits Trusted Pool and Spa to offer pools that satisfy the homeowner’s needs for child and family friendly pools, pools that enable handicapped and/or disabled individuals full resort enjoyment, designer pools that highlight the architecture and beauty of your home and pools where you can just exercise or lounge your cares away.

All TPS pools are built to meet or exceed the highest building standards of the industry and will provide you with years of reliability and care free service.

Why not call 941-776-9992, speak to Chris directly and start on the journey of making your dream a reality.

Email: poolman@trustedpool.com